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Golf fosters friendship and camaraderie. Don’t spend the afternoon frustrated with your game. Golf should be fun!

Did you quit playing golf because it is just too hard?

A lot of people try to play golf and fail. Golf is a unique sport that a lot of people don’t try until they are adults and the fact is, it is hard to put all the pieces together: a tiny ball, a long stick, a strange stance, everyone is staring at you, and it’s quiet.

Training with CenterClub takes away your fears. Fear of hitting an embarrassing shot. Missing the ball. Striking the ground with your club and feeling that reverberation through your body. It takes away those fears by training your muscles to do the same movement every time.

You may never drive for 300 yards but you can learn to hit a respectable shot without thinking about it. We say “Stop Thinking. Start Swinging.” because CenterClub takes the game out of your head. There is a saying: “Stay in your head, you’re dead.” With CenterClub your muscles do the work. Training with CenterClub develops muscle memory. Repetitive perfect swings in practice give you repetitive perfect swings in play.

Golf builds relationships

A lot of us are never going to be great a golf but we can all be good at golf. Good enough to enjoy an afternoon under a bright blue sky laughing with a group of friends or fostering business relationships. Where else but on a golf course can you get the focused attention of your father, son, best friend, business associate for four hours? Golf is a great way to build relationships and in our tech-driven world, face-to-face communication is incredibly powerful.

Get out there and have fun!

One of the great things about golf is you get to play every shot. You are “up to bat” every time. Every drive, every chip, every putt is another chance to feel accomplished. You feel accomplished every time when you have a consistent swing. You improve every time you play when your swing is consistent because you gain confidence through certainty. If your swing is consistent every time you are improving with every swing and you might just elevate a good game to a great game. Combine that with a group of friends under a cloudless sky and golf is fun! Quit playing golf because it is just too hard? Pick up a CenterClub. Get back in the game.

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