Success in Golf

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Success in golf is mostly determined by ones confidence. Confidence can be described as the awareness of ability combined with the fruit of experience. In the recent US Open local qualifier my playing competitor, a young junior golfer from Canada, was 7 over par through 9 holes. Mind you the conditions were very difficult. I have been playing […]

Golf Training Tips

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Golf Training Tips  Pitching and Bunker Shots Why do many tour players prefer bunker shots to chip shots? Bunker shots provide more consistency and opportunities to spin the ball and get it closer to the pin. You can practice making bunker shots even if the weather turns for the worse; just follow on your chipping […]

Training your golf swing with CenterClub

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Perfect practice improves performance One of the most-repeated studies about visualization in performance improvement is that of Dr. Biasiotto, a professor at the University of Chicago who studied basketball free-throws. His study postulated that visualization as practice was as important as the physical act of practice. The study tested three groups. After getting a baseline […]

The Big Promise of CenterClub

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The Big Promise of CenterClub Can one golf training aid really improve your driving, chipping, pitching, and putting? Practicing with the CenterClub golf training aid improves your swing: driving, chipping, pitching, and putting by developing muscle memory to ensure consistency. CenterClub delivers on the promise A good solid swing every time. Isn’t that what most […]