The Big Promise of CenterClub

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The Big Promise of CenterClub

Can one golf training aid really improve your driving, chipping, pitching, and putting?

Practicing with the CenterClub golf training aid improves your swing: driving, chipping, pitching, and putting by developing muscle memory to ensure consistency.

CenterClub delivers on the promise

A good solid swing every time. Isn’t that what most of us strive for? We want the confidence that comes with knowing when you step up to the ball you will connect. You know what it feels like, that release you feel when you’ve hit a good shot, how it just feels so easy.

Consistency consistency consistency

Practicing with the CenterClub helps you achieve that feeling more often, more consistently because that is what the CenterClub delivers: Consistency. Whether you are driving, chipping, pitching, or putting if your swing fundamental is consistent, your shots will be consistent.

It’s up to you

The only way to get the benefit of any training aid is to use it. Have you ever watched the infomercials for P90X and Insanity and wondered how those people lost all that weight? It’s not just doing the exercise. It is following the whole plan. It’s not just the exercise with P90X and Insanity it is doing the exercises every day for 90-120-210 days while at the same time following a strict diet regime every single day for the course of the program. And then? Maybe doing the course of the program two or three or four times.

With CenterClub you must play and practice. Play and practice. Play and practice. Play and practice with intention, purpose, and intensity. Do that and you will develop a consistent swing and with a consistent swing your game will improve.


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