The importance of practice

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Don’t practice for the sake of practice

Practice is the difference between being a duffer and being good at golf. Practice is the difference between being good at golf and being great at golf. So practice. But practice with a purpose. Practice with a goal.

Practice like you play and you’ll be ready for anything

Michael Jordan said that he practiced like he played. That way when it happened in the game, whatever it was, he was ready for it. Practice how you play so whatever happens on the course you’ve done it before.

Set a goal

When you practice set a goal. Have a purpose for your practice. Are you improving your drive today? How will you do that. Hit 100 drives? That might work but make sure it’s not just hard work. Listen to your body. Pay attention to your swing and the result you get. Fine-tune as you go. 100 drives without focused attention to how you feel, the position of your body, the sound of the shot is 100 wasted drives. Practice for consistency.

Define a strategy

Hit. Stop. Tweak. Repeat. If you put in the work you will have no fear. If you put in the work, you gain certainty. You know you are capable of stepping up to the ball and executing the swing.


The importance of practicing correctly and efficiently can greatly save time and accelerate your progress as a player. Practice for the sake of practice is a waste of time and effort. Have a strategy for practice. A structured plan of what you want to achieve and how. Then come to practice with an intense focus that is enthusiastic and determined.

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