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How do you practice golf? How does a golf swing training session look like? How long does it take to make a swing change? These are all very obvious questions, but it seems difficult to find a consistent answer. Image the following golfer: playing since 20 years, mid handicap, about 200 yard drive and his normal shot is a big slice. For a golfer like this, swing changes will be more difficult to make than for somebody who is just starting out. So, how does he improve? How does his golf swing training look like?

As a general rule, always work with your local golf professional. He or she is the only one qualified enough to guide you through the process. Once the player gets analysed, the biggest flaws in the swing have to be corrected. This is easier said than done. Usually it will take a few months to make truly meaningful changes and the process can be depressing. But luckily, with the help of various training aids it got just a bit easier. Golf swing training can be done not only on the range, but practically anywhere. Tools like the CenterClub can be used on a daily basis, making progress a lot faster than before. This is because of the fact that your body develops muscle memory. For this to happen you need to repeat good mechanics over and over again with almost no conscious thought. By doing so, you will ingrain the correct swing motion and be able to repeat it again and again.

So in practice, our imagined golfer would work with his PGA coach a few times per week and practice by himself a few times more. Since he would like to make a change to his swing, this would be his focus throughout all of his practice sessions. Meaning, that his attention would be less focused toward hitting his desired target, but more toward creating that correct motion. A fact that a lot of people miss is that our golfer will have to take more practice swings and hit fewer balls. He will be standing in front of the mirror a lot and make use of swing training aids. For every two or three practice swings he will hit one ball, focusing on the mechanics. After the first few days, the new motion will become more familiar and he will gradually be able to hit more balls. With practice his new mechanics will become subconscious and his swing will be on autopilot again. Once he goes on the course again, he will be able to think about the target and strategy, not about his backswing.

Golf swing training does not have to be hard or boring. Use the tools that are available and swing training can become fun and enjoyable. CenterClub is definitely a practice aid that can make this possible!

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