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Your local golf training academy is a precious gem, which most people underutilize. Playing better golf has everything to do with the way you practice golf. Most golfers come to the driving range and just hit shot after shot without knowing what they are doing. This is a great approach if you want to warm up before a round of golf, or just take your mind off of something. But if you want to get better at golf, have limited time at your disposal and want to make the process as enjoyable as possible, then a different approach is necessary.

Golf training academies usually house at least one qualified golf professional, some analyzing equipment and some golf training aids. If the academy has also a larger pitch & putt area and possibly a gym, then you’ve struck gold. These are all features which have to be utilised at every golf training session, especially the first one: the golf professional. To avoid the scenario of mindlessly hitting one shot after another, you need create a blueprint for improvement with your PGA professional. Having a plan and practicing correctly is the foundation for improvement!

For example, a lot of golfers seem to forget that golf is played on a golf course, which is completely the opposite from the driving range. Each shot has to be taken from a different lie with a different club. Shots have to be played strategically onto specific landing areas with specific targets in mind. The last thing that you want to do on the golf course is to think about your swing and try to correct it. But this is hard to do, if on the driving range you are only thinking about the swing and correcting mistakes. Therefore, the next time you go to your golf training academy make sure that you try to simulate these conditions. A best practice example would be to play 9 holes on the range. Pick fairways, greens, set some out of bounds and hazards. To take this to the next level, use the Centerclub training aid for 9 holes. This is actually the best possible combination, since you are thinking about targets, greens and fairways, yet you still have a reference point for your swing mechanics. Change clubs for every shot, hit drives and approach shots and go through your pre-shot routine.

At the end of the day, your local golf training academy is going to make you a better golfer. With a proper blueprint, knowledgeable professional and some smart training aids you are set up for success. Make sure you check in periodically to adjust what is necessary and ensure that you are getting the right practice at all times.

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