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Golf training aids have become the prefered way of correcting swing faults among amateurs as well as professionals. There is a wide range of products available, covering anything from athletic performance, full swing correction to short game improvements. Some of these devices are straight out fantastic and used on a daily basis with golfing professionals, some less so. Let’s have a deeper look at what separates them.

As mentioned there is a wide variety of golf training aids out there, hence it is hard to generalise. If we try to focus our view only on those that improve your swing, it also becomes easier to differentiate the good from the bad. At this point it is also good to have a general idea about what you are trying to fix, or what the golf swing aid is going to be used for. Most players lack a good body-swing connection and consistency. Without listing brands or manufacturers of certain practice aids, let’s point out the features needed to achieve this.

First of all, it has to be easy and pleasant to use. A training aid has to be small so that you can take it with you. It is essential that training aids are used on a regular basis, on the driving range and with real balls. Furthermore, players have to be able to stop using the swing aid every few shots, so that the brain can adjust the actual swing, performed without the golf training aid.

Second, the device should focus on fixing one specific fault of your swing. Our brain has tremendous processing power, but the golf swing is still executed in around one second. This means that you can not actively focus on two separate problem at the same time. This is also the reason that players should not use two or more swing aids at the same time. Simplicity is key!

Last but not least, the general idea of the training aid has to be in line with known theory. For instance, we now understand that muscle memory is one of the keys to truly ingrain a new swing pattern. This means that proper mechanics have to be enforced while using the device, but at the same time try to make it as subconscious as possible. Here also lies the secret to long-term swing consistency. Once you are able to hit the ball very similar every time, golf suddenly becomes a very easy game to play!

Golf training aids can be a fantastic way to take your game to the next level. It can ease the process, make it more interactive and fun. By achieving a better swing connection your consistency will go up and your score will drop. Don’t forget that practice doesn’t make perfect, but permanent. Practice the right way to get the results that you want!

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