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The golf swing is a complex movement, requiring proper coordination, timing and power. In fact, golf is one of the more complex sports out there. When viewed as a whole, athletes have to be fit enough to play for a few hours, be able to focus when necessary and be extremely precise for each shot they take. A few degrees too open club face can mean the difference between a double bogey and a birdy. This precision, stamina and coordination has to be practiced over and over again. Experts estimate that it takes about 1.000 practice shots to make a significant difference in the golf swing and about 10.000 shots to make a new way of swinging the club really stick in your brain and muscles.

These are all staggering numbers and in some cases this means months of relentless practice. In order to speed us this process golfers have to be very mindful about what they are doing and how they are practicing. A great way of achieving this is by using various training aids, exercises and golf training clubs. This does not mean however, that there is a shortcut. Players still have to put in the hours and hard work, but by utilizing some of the options available the road to progress can be a lot smoother.

Creating good mechanics is an especially difficult task. Each body is unique and will respond differently to some exercises. Yet some basic concepts hold true for every golf swing. For instance, staying relatively centered, not to stand up during the swing or pulling your arms to the body during the swing. The fundamental body motion and the way it is triggered throughout the downswing is very similar in every good golfer. By using a training aid like the CenterClub learning this motion becomes a lot easier. It allows the body to stay at the right distance to the club and to the ball. A smooth swing connection is established and crisp impact can be expected. Focusing on the whole golf swing motion is critical, not just on one small part of it. In this way the correct mechanics will be learned much faster and can get ingrained into your muscles more effectively.

Players like Justin Rose, Jason Day or Adam Scott all have golf swing that not just look good but are also powerful and precise. This can only be achieved by hitting perfect shots over and over again, on the range and on the course. Using tools like golf training clubs can help golfers get there faster and hit that consistent shot day in day out. Remember, the best golfers are not the best walkers, but the best swingers. Build your perfect swing and take your game to the next level!

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