The Hardest Golf Practice You Will Ever Do

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The Hardest Golf Practice Ever

Practice is tough, it can be strenuous, uncomfortable and at times unnatural feeling. All in the pursuit of perfection. Those days are easy compared to where the real practice begins. The real practice begins when you start working on your mindset. Often overlooked and under appreciated but it is what makes the ultimate difference. Take these tips, incorporate them into your golf practice routine for 30 days. Let us know how it goes.


Imagery: Every night before you go to sleep play three, six, nine holes or until you fall asleep. Make it detailed. Don’t just walk up to the ball and hit it. Go through your pre-shot and post-shot routines. See yourself swing and the ball fly to the exact shot you imagined. Now take this imagery to the course. When you start your pre-shot routine see yourself hitting that perfect shot.


Self-Efficacy: Believe in yourself. Tell yourself everyday that you can hit any shot you want. Tell yourself you can beat your best round and set a new personal best. Imagine what that number is. Every day visual that number. Your mind only knows what you tell it. So tell your mind you are capable that you can and will succeed.


Fearlessness: Quit being scared. Fear paralyzes your mind. Don’t let it in. FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL. The biggest killer of fear is confidence. Commit to your shot. Choose your club, your target and commit. The ball will go where you think it will go. If you think it may go in the hazard it probably will. So instead just think and commit to it landing right where you want it to.

The mental game is can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Do everything you can to make it work with you.


Go Low.

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