Foundation for Success

Foundations for Success

Perfect Practice

The design of the CenterClub keeps the player in place by preventing over-swing, improper hinging of wrists, hanging back at impact, and letting hands flip over improperly. Easy and comfortable, the thoughtful ergonomic design encourages improvement to pitching motion, strength, flexibility, alignment, swing plane, rhythm, and balance. These are the Foundation for Success.

Maximize Your Practice


CenterClub allows you focus on what is important: Your Swing.

The CenterClub trains consistency. Visualization is often referred to as perfect practice because you are picturing yourself doing the movement perfectly every time. This is the take-away: you can improve your game by visualizing perfect performance. The CenterClub combines the perfect practice you get from visualization with physical reinforcement. The device helps physically reinforce perfect practice because you are actually practicing your best swing every time you swing the club.