Game Correcting Technology

Game Correcting Technology

Pro Golfer Chris Miller Chipping Practice

CenterClub delivers on the promise

A good solid swing every time. Isn’t that what we strive for? We want the confidence that comes with knowing when you step up to the ball you will connect. You know what it feels like when you’ve hit a good shot. It feels easy. It feels right. You feel it the moment you connect. Practicing with the CenterClub helps you achieve that feeling more often because that is what the CenterClub delivers: Consistency. Whether you are driving, chipping, pitching, or putting: if your swing fundamental is consistent, your shots will be consistent. CenterClub delivers full Game Correcting practice.

Swing with Confidence Everytime


Training with CenterClub takes away your fears. Fear of hitting an embarrassing shot. Fear of missing the ball. Fear of striking the ground with your club. CenterClub takes away those fears by training your muscles to do the same movement every time. Repetitive perfect swings in practice give you repetitive perfect swings in play. You may never drive for 300 yards but you can learn to hit a respectable shot without thinking about it. We say “Stop Thinking. Start Swinging.” because CenterClub takes the game out of your head.