Muscle Memory

Muscle Memory

The importance of Muscle Memory in Golf

Stop Thinking. Start Swinging. CenterClub will help develop the muscle memory you need when it matters most. Sound mechanics will be enforced with the repeated use of CenterClub. Training your muscles to make the proper motion with minimal conscious thought.

Creating the Perfect Blue Print


CenterClub will enable you to practice the proper golf motion

Muscle memory is a hot topic in golf and talked about a lot. However very rarely is it broken down to the basic form. Muscle memory is a blueprint. When you learn something new throwing a ball, riding a bike, or making a golf swing, you create a blue print for these actions, which is muscle memory. Therefore, it is important to practice with the proper movement. If you are making an incorrect swing repeatedly throughout your golf practice session you will create a muscle memory blue print that will be hard to break. Muscle memory cannot decipher whether you are making the correct move or not. This is where CenterClub shines. You can now repeat the proper movement and be confident in your golf practice. CenterClub will enable you to practice the proper golf motion consistently and build the correct muscle memory blue print. Solid muscle memory is the foundation to becoming a proficient golfer.

The ability to reproduce a particular movement without conscious thought, acquired as a result of frequent repetition of that movement. - Oxford