Some Simple Golf Practice Tips

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Some Simple Golf Practice Tips

Simple Golf Practice Tips

Basic golf practice tips, putting and chipping

It’s getting colder by the day which means it keeps getting harder and harder to keep up a practice plan. But despite the force of nature hindering you from developing a good form by spring time, there are golf training and golf practice tips that could help you improve your form. Follow these simple golf practice tips to keep your game sharp during winter. Here are a few of them

  • Create a 10-week plan to hone your skills. You need to invest at least two afternoons a week for training, a range or backyard and a lot of patience. You must commit two days of practice per week, with each session lasting for 90 minutes.
  • Begin with stretching sessions. Make sure that you feel relaxed, loose and warm enough to begin your training. Can be done at home.
  • After a good stretch, start with 10 smooth swings using your pitching wedge then 5 shots using your favorite, go-to club.

Practice putting to gain more confidence with short putting and become more aggressive with longer putts. Start your practice from three-feet on a flat surface. The goal is to feel comfortable with your putter so don’t rush.

  • Initially use three balls, start making 21 putts in a row starting from three feet. After finishing all 21, increase your distance to 6, 10, 15 and then from 20 feet. Putt six balls from each distance. Gradually increasing your distance will help you with longer putts. You may also use this to warm up before a round.
  • Use a marked ball. The mark will help you align your ball on the line of putt by placing the mark parallel to your line. Then, putter head on the ground and align the face so that the top edge creates a perpendicular with the mark on the ball. Doing so will also help you start your ball on the correct line after contact.
  • On your second day, try to repeat your short and long putt drill. After making a few 20-footers, you may now try 6 balls from 25, 30, 40, and 60 feet. This time, be consistent and get the ball to the hole. With these long puts the goal is to give the ball a change to go in. Leaving it short does not give you that opportunity.

Chipping is important for great scoring. Practice will improve your skill as well as your confidence. Use your favorite wedge for practicing and choose an area with no less than 15 feet from your goal.

Swing your hands and arms together with your club to keep your left wrist from breaking down. You can use a wrist hinge in the backswing for a descending blow and to add spin. Never ever let the club outpace the hands upon impact.

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