Training your golf swing with CenterClub

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Perfect practice improves performance

One of the most-repeated studies about visualization in performance improvement is that of Dr. Biasiotto, a professor at the University of Chicago who studied basketball free-throws. His study postulated that visualization as practice was as important as the physical act of practice.

The study tested three groups. After getting a baseline number for how many free-throws each person could make, each group trained differently for 30 days.

Group 1 physically practiced making free-throws for an hour each day
Group 2 visualized themselves making free throws every day
Group 3 did nothing

The results are not surprising:
Group 1 improved by 24%
Group 2 improved by by 23%
Group 3 showed no improvement

With CenterClub you practice your swing the same way every time until it is imprinted in your muscle memory and you no longer have to think about it.

Visualization is often referred to as perfect practice because you are picturing yourself doing the movement perfectly every time. This is the take-away: you can improve your game by visualizing perfect performance. The CenterClub combines the perfect practice you get from visualization with physical reinforcement. The device helps physically reinforce perfect practice because you are actually practicing your best swing every time you swing the club.

Practice for Play

Muscle memory is memory imprinted through repetition. CenterClub gives you a consistent swing by creating muscle memory. To develop muscle memory you must swing the club. Again and again. With purpose. Playing practice rounds is great. If you are a casual golfer or business golfer practice rounds may not be practical. Hitting a bucket (or two or three) of balls is something you can manage. So. While hitting those balls use visualization to put yourself on the course!

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