Watch CenterClub in Action

Watch and see how easy CenterClub is to use. In a few simple steps any golfer can improve their swing with the CenterClub.
Feel is a very important part of golf. CenterClub helps you feel the proper positions throughout your swing. CenterClub builds confidence through consistency. With CenterClub you know you are practicing correctly every time. 
Chris Miller CenterClub Golf Founder

I designed the CenterClub to help make my job and every other instructor’s job easier. Using the CenterClub will be a huge help for instructors and their students learning to play golf. As a golf instructor I hear from my students that what they they are searching for is more consistency. When you put on the CenterClub it gives you and reinforces that muscle memory of what a good, connected, powerful golf swing is.
– Chris Miller, CenterClub Designer